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Dec 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
. ♪ it mobilizes, it tranquilizes, it heals, and transforms. boswell is supposed to have said to dr. johnson, "i'm greatly affected by music. "some music will make me weep. "some music will make me feel so brav "i could march into the thick of a battle and not be scared of anything." johnson says dryly, "if anything could make me act so foolish, i would not have anything to do with it." [low hum and sticks clacking] [cultural music montage] (man) music has got an incredible power, presence. you know, sound is something that you can't escape when you're in its presence. [chanting and drumming] with music, there's no looking away. [spirited clarinet and guitar playing] that is part of the power of music. when you're near it, there's no escape. it can focus your attention on a particular ceremony for example. it can act as a kind of social glue that helps a ceremony to go on over the course of several days. it keeps people's attention focused. music can be used in a work situation. you can find examples of that in africa where people are working in a field. let's say that they are planting millet o
Dec 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
minutes and it's a johnson remixes goal kick started a roller coaster ninety minutes. six minutes later after a foul on organ polanski to leave bits of lights began to realize how often i were flying. after this hand albeit a whole themselves into the game with a spot kick of their own karen had converted to make it to one. papa and keep the cats tails then blundered badly. following alger oh and we had to level the scores just before half time. after the break in the form of five top and i'm back in front then i had limited for two for the hosts in spectacular style. but raymond built back this time to newspapers. all that remained was for substitutes. the live by faith it to equalize the final minute and complete the comeback. always even to the old seven would probably have to change the way we conceded using your ego filled with o'connor. raymond were somewhat happier with the points won against all expectation. let's check in with the other results so far this weekend. still to hit their stride victory constant guard labour prison breezed past nuremberg three nail heads and on star
Dec 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
is looking to cut thousands of dollars and ninety services units the report says up to six thousand johnson on the chopping block empty systems. unions fear the numbers could even be higher hundred staff visit bbc is japan's continued presenting me with this mom in the news on the scene butch wanted to discuss the continent's elephant poaching problem. the most prized ivory tusks and made the most hardened killers to sell the material for things like jewelry sculptures and two populations and printing costs in the spring amazing the things in your enforcement and comical and hats. the report begins in kenya where elephant protection measures are already taking flights. this elephant is one of the lucky ones not to get ninety eight came from a wildlife rangers tranquilizer gun. once the beast is not us. kenyan wildlife rangers put a collar on him. they can track his whereabouts. the integration of all the more mins. it's going to read this it takes that is depicted on the courts will be offered its own sacred to christians who are devoted to corn. it endures. the new councils rangers will fi
Dec 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
. lisa johnson son of the school along with other parents because there was none in the area offering gem in essence best deals to secure state funding. coming in we've brought up by dealing with a tonal language the cookies to enjoy the intellectual extension comes from knowing i can. i think is the good things do i want to do much. this colonial this year. the jordy got more applicants than places. some of the parents take john lessons themselves so they can help to chill with their homework. in common and can be. i want. i made this in your nose. many instrumental and a second language. i want to give their children the opportunity that they never had. he was just happy when she was between him and to specifically for the region teams because they can't read cds intake for cisco's still in my opinion i cannot imagine thing leaving you wanting to press china to support a utensil ways that are unsavory out on. i am on the really great student at the moment education. from a low he can advise the school some foreign languages the school who is also reluctant to lend a forum in which she s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4